Marty Strength Off-Ice Stick Handling Program (1 Week Free)

This is a [FREE] week of stickhandling taken from the full "The Marty Strength Online Stick handling Program". If you want to check out the full program follow the link below.

I started training with Marty when I was in minor hockey and have continued through major junior and now at the pro level. I’ve seen professional hockey team trainers and tried different programs throughout my career. I’ve always gone back to Marty because he provides me with the perfect program best suited for my game and body. Through my experience it is shown every summer I’ve trained with Marty I’ve had an extra step on the ice and played full seasons healthy. This is because of his program and attention to detail. I would highly recommend training with Marty both on and off the ice if you are seriously considering playing at a high level of hockey, for a long time. Tyler Graovac - Calgary Flames

The Marty Strength (12) MonthOnline Stick handling Program is a progressive monthly program in which sets and reps increase each week in order to challenge you to improve on your newly acquired skills.

At the end of each training session you will be challenged by a specific drill. You will set the timer and record the amount of good repetitions completed. You will be able to track progress and compare improvement from week to week. Each day consists of 5-7 drills.

The program progresses to new drill and drill combinations each month.

Players will build:

  • New skills
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Confidence
  • and Movement Patterns
This is done through purposeful repetitions for a four week period. After each four week phase, a new phase will be unlocked and introduced.

  • 57Klbs lifted
  • 717K miles
  • 15K cals burned
  • 57Klbs lifted
  • 717K miles
  • 15K cals burned
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